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First I thank you for visiting the blog very, very simple that I made this, and in this blog I myself as manager and author of the article concerned.
apologize if there are still many shortcomings of this blog and I as the manager is very aware of this, how excited and happy I if any among relatives, friends and friends who provide criticism and suggestions for the betterment of blogs that I'm governance is particularly for the sake of our common progress.
according to the proverb Sunda, namely:
1) mutual love
2) mutual regard
3) Mutually teach


my goal to make this blog is none other not just for entertainment, I hope with this blog can be a friend to unwind after we routinely carry out daily activities.
and my other goal is, I want to maintain and preserve Sundanese culture is now beginning to be forgotten, though only in a simple dosage forms such as tales that I made this.
articles which are in this blog is my own essay, and there were also a number of articles written by the results of others that I am trying to serve back SURELY labeling information so that visitors can distinguish them easily.
and this is a form of RESPECT me to the work of others in order to avoid misunderstanding or things that are not cool that could harm related parties therein.


1) With great pleasure I allow to visitors who wish to restate the articles that are in this blog, BUT with a note in each presentation should be included also a clear anchor text as an example:
- This article is taken from the blog BABARAKATAKAN.BLOGSPOT.COMor,

2) I have already provided the comments page so visitors can give comments and suggestions or just say hello WITH RACISM commentary notes odorless.
If there is, I as manager ENTITLED categorize these comments into the comment SPAM.

3) The core of what I described above is FREE BUT POLITE, be polite visitors who like the character of the original Sundanese famous for its

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